music therapy Can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Facilitate communication

  • Build relationships and develop interactions

  • Enable an individual to experience and process difficult feelings non-verbally

  • Provide a space where the client can be freely creative

  • Increase awareness of self and others

  • Practise social skills

  • Provide an opportunity to build confidence and a sense of agency

  • Enhance motor skills, fine and gross

  • Encourage vocalising and verbal skills

  • Develop skills such as turn taking

  • Explore challenging behaviour

  • Support aspects of stages of development, including non-verbal interaction, play and language.

  • Provide a safe and cathartic space for the release of feelings.

Waves Music Therapy

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100% of donations go directly to providing music therapy sessions for children and adults with additional needs who would not otherwise be able to access music therapy sessions. 

Every penny is appreciated


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