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Micki Garner Micki is a Senco leader in Worthing with experience working in mainstream settings with children with complex trauma and attachment issues. Micki joins the Waves Director team with 23 years' teaching experience and a vast knowledge of children in the area who can and will benefit from music therapy intervention

Paul Finnett Paul is Managing director at AoN , based in Houston, Texas. Originally from East Preston, Paul is the father of Toby Calder- Finnett in whose name Toby's Fund exists. Paul brings his business knowledge and his commitment to use his son's memory to improve the lives of teens with complex needs in West Sussex, an area that Toby loved and called home. We are very proud to have Paul on our team and thankful to him, and to his family, for entrusting Toby's fund to Waves Music Therapy

Hazel Child Hazel is endlessly driven and committed to the growth of music therapy in West Sussex; that every person who seeks service should be able to access it. We are beyond grateful to have Hazel on our director's team. She brings 20 years' clinical experience and great ambition for future of Waves

Victoria Hartkemeyer Victoria established Waves Music Therapy CIC in 2013 with her colleague and friend, Kirsten Halliday. She balances her own clinical practice with running the day to day charity business including fundraising and community work.

Kirsten Halliday Kirsten is based in London and has worked as a clinical music therapist since qualifying, with Victoria, in 2005. Kirsten works predominantly with adolescents with complex trauma and has advanced training from The Tavistock. Kirsten is endlessly supportive of the work that Waves do while keeping a good perspective of the aims of the charity.

Waves Music Therapy

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