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Individual Music Therapy

Waves Music Therapy offer Individual Music Therapy sessions across West Sussex at schools, in day centres, hospitals, in hospices, in our studio space and in the client’s homes. All of our sessions are delivered by our highly qualified therapists and our director, Victoria, aims to meet with you before work begins to answer any questions that you might have.


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Individual sessions are typically 30 minutes, but can be shorter for younger children or longer for older children and adults if required.

Sessions are held for a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks and usually run in 20 week blocks, when reports are submitted and recommendations made.

The therapist uses a variety of instruments which may include the piano, guitar, their own specialist instruments and a variety of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments.  


No musical skill is required to engage in and benefit from music therapy. 

Individual music therapy is an excellent way for a client to build a relationship with the therapist. Music therapy is a powerful means of non-verbal communication and can offer a safe, reliable space for exploring feelings without the need to translate those feelings into words.


Individual sessions cost between £48 and £52 depending upon whether the therapist travels to you.

Please contact us and Victoria will be happy to speak with you or meet with you to discuss individual sessions.

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