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Group Music Therapy









Group Music Therapy is a wonderful way to encourage peer interaction and social development.  Using active, creative music making we can experience playing together and music therapy groups offer an opportunity to connect,  relate and interact.


Music therapy groups aim to enable everyone to feel heard and to have a voice.  For those who can not reach out physically, group music therapy provides a means of reaching out to others, having a voice, negotiating roles, playing together, hearing one another and being heard. 


Unlike using lots of words at the same time (where it would be impossible to hear an individual voice) when we use music many voices can be heard together. Group music therapy is a powerful way  to build community.


Group Music Therapy will consist of a minimum of 3 individuals.  Sessions run between 30-50 minutes depending upon the needs of the members of the group.


Group sessions cost between £60-90/hr depending upon the number of clients attending, their needs and the duration of the session.

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