Where we work

Where can you find Music Therapists in Sussex?

Music Therapists work across many fields and in many settings.  Many of us work together in large charities, like Waves, which enable us to cover large areas and reach more people.  As a charity we can work together to fundraise and support sessions, making work more sustainable for our clients.  In Sussex, many therapists are freelance and have their own practice.  They work in client’s own homes, in schools, care facilities, hospitals, therapy centres and day services. We take all referrals and music therapy is open to anyone no matter what their needs.  You do not need to have any special musical skill and all of the music is improvised.

Music therapy is an effective tool for everyone but in particular can provide an effective means of self expression where words are not needed, it can be an appropriate and effective way of processing difficult feelings and a safe space to explore anger.  It is a non-threatening, non-invasive space where music makes connections. The aims are to meet social, emotional, learning, communication, cognitive and physical needs with the outcome of improved wellbeing.

Here are just a few examples of environments where music therapists work in Sussex.  

Credits to the British Association of Music Therapists for the information. 

Music Therapy in mental health care 

Music Therapy with learning difficulties  

Music Therapy and Dementia 

Music Therapy and Autism  

Music Therapy and Mainstream Schools and EBD 

Opening Hours

The Waves Office is open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-3pm.  

We will endeavour to answer all enquiries as they arrive, but please note that we are only in the office two days per week.