Feedback is so important to our work.  Talking to our clients and their families/ carers helps us to evaluate our work and understand the process for our service users more deeply.

Here are some comments from recent sessions in:

“I have supported ‘Lucy’ for 4 years. I have never heard her make the sounds she does like when she is in music therapy. It is like she is really motivated to sing, to communicate. I am usually in tears.”

1:1 Support staff. School setting.

“Music therapy is an essential part of school life for our children. Our children need a way to express themselves and explore their emotions. Music therapy meets these needs.”

Head Teacher SEN school

“I have worked with Victoria for many years and have co-run sessions with her. Music Therapy is an amazing way for us to reach our profoundly autistic children. Music therapy does not place demands upon the child, they make music and play because they want to, because Victoria draws them out. They are working on their social, their emotional, their communication skills. Music therapy is essential for our children here.”

Christelle Charpentier, Child Psychologist for children with profound ASD. Sunfield School. Worcestershire.

“Music therapy is a special time for our students.  The session is totally child-led, every sound develops from the sounds and movements our students make.  It is incredibly important for our students that they have this time to play together.”

Teacher of a class of students who have profound and multiple needs and access group therapy.

“There is no other time in the week where I see [my student] relax.  He comes in to the therapy room, sees Victoria and immediately settles.  He knows, he understand this is HIS time and he chooses to communicate and play”

1:1 support staff for child who is on Autistic Spectrum

“Music therapy is where [my son] succeeds”

Parent of a child with behavioural needs who accesses individual Music Therapy

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