Make a referral

How to Make a Referral to Music Therapy Services

We are delighted that you are considering making a referral to music therapy. Please have a look at our ‘What is Music Therapy?’ page for lots of information about how music therapy helps and some video of music therapy sessions.

As well as the information on this website we would be delighted to meet with you to talk to you about the work and discuss your hopes for music therapy intervention.

The referral process is as follows:

1) Please complete our referral form, which you can download HERE:

Alternatively we can meet and complete the form together and have time to answer any questions.

The referral form helps to give us some background about the person or people that you are referring to our service -their emotional needs, behaviours, history, medical history and anything significant that you wish to share.

We will also discuss your hopes for outcomes of music therapy. Perhaps you seek music therapy in the hope that communication will be encouraged, anger processed, or a space of joy and creativity for someone who enjoys music making.

2) Assessment:

Your therapist will then have an assessment period of three sessions, ideally at the same time and in the same place over three consecutive weeks. The first session will be an observation, followed by two full therapy sessions.

After this we prepare and submit a short report and make recommendations and plans for further music therapy work.

3) The work:

After the assessment we commonly continue to work up to 20 weeks. A more detailed report is then submitted and further recommendations made. It is important to establish the duration of the therapeutic contact before the sessions begin so that the work has shape and endings can be prepared for.

We ask that you consider giving permission for video recording of sessions. As music therapy is usually just the therapist and the client video helps us to evaluate and think about the work. Importantly it also helps us to communicate with you so that you can see and be part of the process.  You can download an audio/ visual permission form HERE

Where can you find us?

We are based in West Sussex and work across the county but have therapists who work across the whole of the UK. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Opening Hours

The Waves Office is open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-3pm.  

We will endeavour to answer all enquiries as they arrive, but please note that we are only in the office two days per week.