Group Music Therapy

Group Music Therapy is a wonderful way for individuals to dialogue and communicate together.  Unlike using lots of words at the same time (where it would be impossible to hear an individual voice) when we use music many voices can be heard at the same time and instead of noise, we create joint music.  Group music therapy can recreate the experience of being playful together, negotiating roles with one another and for those who can not physically reach out, a means of being present, having a voice and reaching out to others.


Group Music Therapy will consist of a minimum of 3 individuals.  Sessions run between 30-50 minutes depending upon the needs of the members of the group.


Group sessions cost between £60-90/hr depending upon the number of clients attending, their needs and the duration of the session.


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Opening Hours

The Waves Office is open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-3pm.  

We will endeavour to answer all enquiries as they arrive, but please note that we are only in the office two days per week.