Waves Music Therapy

Waves Music Therapy is a West Sussex CIC (community interest company or not-for- profit) that is run by a team of HCPC registered, qualified and experienced clinical music therapists. 

We offer both individual and group music therapy for people of all ages with any additional needs.  We can also offer staff training, consultation and assessments.

Our ethos is this: we want to make music therapy services accessible.  We work hard to ensure that individuals who will benefit from music therapy intervention can access this valuable therapy so please contact us with any questions, we are always happy to chat.

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We are A community interest company #93020903

We work hard to ensure that those who would benefit most from music therapy can access it. 

Consider making a donation or even fundraising for us so that this important work can continue.  Check out our previous fundraisers!

Why music therapy?

What is music therapy?  What is a session like?  How long do sessions last? Do I have to be musical?  Who can access music therapy? Is it effective? Those and other questions answered here...

Waves music therapy


Qualified, experienced, HCPC registered music therapists offering individual and group music therapy sessions for any person with additional needs.  We also offer assessment, consultation and training